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All About Custom Steel Fabrication

The fabrication of the metal is the procedure which involves the cutting as well as the bending of the metal in to a particular form or shape which is then used in the manufacturing of some structure or the product. There are two kinds of the metal fabrication. One of which is prepared in predefined form for some market products and the second of which is the custom metal fabrication in which the metal of any kind is cut and bent according to the specification of the client. The client provides them with a defined look and size and then the fabrication is done accordingly.

What is the process of custom steel fabrication?

The metal fabrication of steel according to the customer size and specification is the custom steel fabrication and the process of the custom steel fabrication in wodonga is performed like any other metal fabrication. Each custom metal fabrication has three primary stages and these are discussed below briefly.

Cutting of steel:

In this stage, various tools are used which includes the punches, lasers, shears, saws and based on the cut the customer require some additional power tools are also used. In some cases, the customer also defines the tool for the cutting but if it is not defined by the customer then the stainless steel fabrication in wodonga team decides it by themselves. Usually beams are used for cutting but when the shape needs to be more articulate then the saws are used. The laser cutting is used when the cuts need to be precise, consistent and neat. These lasers are integrated with a computer controller in which the operator inputs the parameter and then the cuts are done according to it.


The next stage after cutting is the shaping. For shaping the pressures are applied to the steel to mould it in to the desired form and shape. The common and popular kind of shaping techniques involve pressure baking which are used to shape the metals of all kinds of thickness and sizes. This is how the metal either it is steel or any other kind could be used in all different kinds of the applications which increases the versatility and usage of the metal.


When all the parts of the steel are cut and shaped then the final stage is assembling these together sometimes the parts are given out in the market as it is but in case of custom steel fabrication the entire product is assembled finished and then given to the customer. All the pieces of the metals are collected and then these are welded together with the use of the welding technique but this is the tricker part because in welding intense heat is applied to the metal and if it is not done carefully and heat is applied at wrong point then it could destroy the piece and therefore, it is made sure that the integrity of the steel metal is not compromised during the stage of assembly.

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